Nº10 STUDIO - Location Hire in W1

Please note, hourly rate is inclusive of VAT.

Nº10 Studio is an exclusive multi-function photography studio, filming location and boutique event space for hire in London with a curated prop rental collection. We are located in the heart of W1 tucked away in a characteristic Victorian mews just in between Regents Park, Fitzrovia and Marylebone.

Features (all these are included in the hire)

  • 1x open plan studio on the ground floor, The Parlour, where some of the studio's most iconic features are - the original Victorian brick wall, a boldly decorated wall with quirky signs and colourful neons, our beautifully designed open-plan kitchen with a breakfast bar, white daylight studio corner and ivy backdrop.

  • 1x daylight studio on the first floor, The Red Room, which is not only stylish and timeless, and at the same time comes with three large sash windows turning it into a great daylight studio inclusive of vintage props and furniture available to use for your shoots.

  • 1x make-up + dressing room inclusive of a professional make-up mirror, clothing rail and more.

What we also offer:
- 3x Studio Flash Light
- 2x Large Softbox
- 1x Snoot, 1x Beauty Dish, 2x Small Umbrellas
- Manfrotto Autopole System
- Colorama Backdrops in 15 colours
- Stands/Tripods
- Full-length mirror
- Steamer + iron and board
- Wifi
- Use of kitchen facilities
- The Parlour can be blacked out and The Red Room can be blacked out upon request depending what needed.

What you can hire for extra costs:
- Additional lights
- Neon + LED Lights
- Vintage Strand Patt spotlights
- Additional Props

Nº10 is for hire as it is with or without Colorama set up with our Manfrotto auto-pole system on whichever of the two floors you'd like it set-up. As detailed in our T&C's below, if you have any styling requests, or would like for anything to be moved or removed, you have up to one week before the hire date to send us your requests.

The studio has loading and unloading access, but does not have parking outside, although plenty of parking options are available within walking distance.

Studio Features:
3 Phase Power
Editing Facilities
Equipment Hire
Green Screen
Hair and Make-up
Internet Access / WiFi
Lighting Grid
Shower Room
Suitable for:
Music Promos
Photography Shoots
Online Castings
Rules & Guidelines: Rules and Guidelines  You may not make significant changes other than moving props and furniture within the floor and room they are already in unless requested up to 1 week before the hire. Anything large you would like to move must be cleared before with our location manager on the day.  If you require Colorama backdrops, you must inform us which colour you’d prefer and in which one of the two floors you’d like it set up - we have a Manfrotto autopole system with chains which can hold up to three backdrops and can be easily moved where preferred. PLASE NOTE: we only keep a limited number of Coloramas in the studio, the rest is kept at our storage, so you must inform us in advance otherwise we will not be able to accommodate you. Take care not to damage floors: e.g. put down protection under camera tracks.  No eating or drinking on carpeted area (unless requested for a shot/scene). Remove spiked high heeled shoes on wooden floors/stairs (this does not apply to the model/actors in shot). Please endeavour to keep noise/voices down to a minimum when outside the Premises (this includes but is not limited to when loading/unloading gear, on breaks etc.). Location property and equipment must be treated with care. Any breakages or damage to the location/equipment, MUST be reported at the end of your booking.
Cancellation Policy: Nº10 Studio, a division of North Harley Films Limited - Terms and Conditions A. Definitions in these Terms and Conditions, the following definitions apply: The Client: the person or company who purchases Services from Nº10 Studio. Services: the services of hire of the Premises offered by Nº10 Studio, including and not limited to supervision of the Hire, Styling Services, Production Coordination, as described in the Order and these Terms and Conditions. Charges: the charges payable by the Client for the supply of the Services by Nº10 Studio as stated in the Order. Contract: the contract between Nº10 Studio and the Client for the supply of the Services in accordance with these Terms & Conditions. Hire: the contract term of Services offered and use of the Premises for the period stated in the Invoice/Order. Invoice/Order: The Invoice sent to the client by Nº10 Studio with a breakdown of Services, Charges and Hire Terms. Premises: the space made available to the Client as set out in the order. Nº10 Studio: A division of North Harley Films Limited, a limited company incorporated in England and Wales and whose registered office is located at 10 Harley Place, London, W1G 8QE with company number 11841935 By booking our location, it means that you agree to these Terms and Conditions. You will have to still sign a copy, which constitutes as a Contract between the Client and Nº10 Studio. 1. When booking Nº10 Studio’s Premises and Services there is a 20% VAT charge applied to your booking. Since One Location does not allow additional charges to be applied as of yet other than the hourly rate, the VAT charge has already been applied to the hourly rate and Nº10 will send a VAT invoice at the time of booking with a breakdown of the Charges, as well as any additional charges that will need to be paid separately to us. The Terms and Conditions below are as per when you hire directly from us. 1.The Client (photographers, filmmakers, production companies, etc) should have their own public liability insurance to cover any accidents to their crew, cast, models and staff. Nº10 Studio will not be held responsible or liable for any accidents caused by the Client, their staff, team or clients whilst using the Nº10 Studio Premises, Equipment, Props and related with anything within to the Premises. 2. To confirm a booking, a Client ’s 50% deposit is required upon receipt of Invoice. An Invoice or quote does not confirm or guarantee the Client’s booking until the deposit is paid. Please note: your booking is unconfirmed until the deposit is paid, which means it may still be booked by others, so don’t delay in paying the deposit as this may lead to you losing your preferred date/time slot. 3. The Client must pay the remaining 50% up to 2 weeks before the Hire date. If the remaining 50% is not paid up to 2 weeks before the Hire date, we reserve the right to cancel your booking, and the deposit will be not refunded. 4. If the Hire is cancelled by you within 2 weeks of the Hire date, the deposit or full Charge will be refunded. If the Hire is cancelled less than 2 weeks of the Hire date, only 50% of the Charge will be refunded. If the Hire is cancelled 1 week or less of the Hire date, no fee will be refunded. 5. For bookings with less than 14 days notice, FULL payment is required upon receipt of Invoice. 6. We accept payment via bank transfer and all payments must be made via bank transfer 7. The Client has up to 1 week before the shooting date to inform Nº10 Studio of any rooms in the Premises to be cleared, or re-styled, props, furniture etc. to be significantly moved from floor to floor. We provide this service free of any additional charge already applied to your booking. 8. If the Client does not request for a room in the Premises to be cleared or re-styled in advance to their Hire, up to 1 week before as stated above, then the client may not make any significant changes other than moving props and furniture within the floor and room they are already in. 9. All dimensions of the Premises are approximate in the floor plans and photographs on our website and social media give a close representation of the space, so at no point will Number Ten Studio be responsible for any complaints about dimensions, styling or conditions of the Premises any anything inside the Premises if no Recce has been arranged and if no prior styling requests have been made. 10. When confirming the Hire, you are confirming and booking a Hire of the Premises of Number Ten Studio, at no point booking with us guarantees that you can also shoot outside our Premises - you will also have to go through the council and acquire any permits required to shoot outside. 11. The Client must comply with any Nº10 Studio Staff and Owners requests. 12. All Property and Equipment in the Premises be treated with care. Any breakages or damage to the Number Ten Studio Premises, furnishings, props, equipment, facilities etc. will be charged in full to the Client. The client is fully liable and responsible to pay the cost of any damages in full, and these will not be covered by Number Ten Studio. If an item within the Premises is damaged beyond repair, the Client must pay the market value of the item in full. 13. If the place is left untidy and dirty beyond a reasonable condition, a cleaning charge will be applied additional to the hire cost and equivalent to the cost of cleaning the premises. 14. The Client is to ensure a positive relationship is maintained with neighbours/local residents, especially when on breaks outside The Premises. If repeated complaints about general misconduct at the Premises are received from other tenants or residents this will be considered a breach of contract and access to the Premises may be terminated. 15. When planning and booking the shoot time, the Client should remember to include your set up and break down time within your total booking time to avoid running into overtime charges. If the Client runs over the booking time, a charge of £150 + VAT per extra hour of shooting will be applied. 16. Any Children on location must be accompanied by an adult or legal Guardian. 17. The Premises will be inspected prior to the Hire to document conditions. Any breakages or damage to the location/equipment by the Client, its staff, team or any other person’s they are with at the Premises, MUST be reported at the end of your booking. 18. The Client agrees to leave the location exactly as they find it.