Gun Hill Studios

This commercial drive in photographic / film studio is home to one of the largest infinity coves in Europe complete with two variable speed turntables capable of taking up to three tonnes each.

Gun Hill Studios has been the venue of choice for many industries being suitable for car photography, video production, stills, promos, castings and much, much more.

The infinity cove is an immensely flexible space capable of morphing into whatever set or space is required; it is also an excellent screening theatre with plenty of room for an audience.​
Our discreet countryside setting particularly lends itself to sensitive, confidential and prototype work.

The 10m x 10m infinity cove is available to hire, please contact us for rates and availability. We also offer a comprehensive range of flash and constant lighting. Wet weather cover available for film.

We have an onsite production team with vast experience in audio and visual, incorporating expertise in all aspects of film and photography. Our twin turntables mean that we are also able to produce high quality 360 spins / rotations of bigger products including cars.

The White end of the studio:
Dimensions: 10m wide x 10m deep x 5m high with a 1m radius curve floor to wall
Floating Ceiling: 8m x 6m this can be raised, lowered or tilted
Turntable details: 5m diameter, maximum weight of 3.0 tonnes, variable speed and direction, flush to the finished floor level, painted white.

The Black end of the studio:
Turntable details: 4.4m diameter, maximum weight of 3.0 tonnes, variable speed and direction, flush to finished floor level, painted black.
Floor surrounding turntable is also black with blacked out walls on two sides, the area is also 10m x 10m

Studio Features:
3 Phase Power
Editing Facilities
Equipment Hire
Green Screen
Hair and Make-up
Internet Access / WiFi
Lighting Grid
Shower Room
Suitable for:
Music Promos
Photography Shoots
Online Castings