Euphoria studio

We built the largest photo studio in the Poltava region - 320m2. The Euphoria includes 5 locations: a large white cyclorama, four locations and a location with a shower, a convenient reception area for your comfortable rest and expectation, a kitchen, a shower. You can choose pulsed or continuous light. Ceiling height 4 meters. Locations are easily transformed to different styles. Booking is done in a few clicks, thanks to a convenient calendar and online payment

Studio Features:
3 Phase Power
Editing Facilities
Equipment Hire
Green Screen
Hair and Make-up
Internet Access / WiFi
Lighting Grid
Shower Room
Suitable for:
Music Promos
Photography Shoots
Online Castings
Rules & Guidelines: * The minimum rental time for a photo studio is 1 hour. * The rental period starts from the beginning of the time you booked. * At the early completion of shooting, the reserved time is paid in full. * The end time of the lease is the time when you leave the studio. After the end of the filming process, you must disconnect the equipment from the network, return the scenery, furniture to its original position, pick up all your things that could remain after your shootings. * If you are planning a complex shoot, after which you will need to clean the room (using confetti, bulk, liquid materials, etc.), we advise you to order cleaning when booking. The cleaning you do yourself is included in the rental time you paid. * If the nature of your shooting involves cleaning the premises, consider this time when booking the studio. * You can extend the shooting time if the studio is free at the end of the time you reserved. Check with the administrator about the possibility of extending the lease before starting your survey. * If you stay in the studio more than 15 minutes after the end of the rental time, we will extend the rental time for the next half hour, which you will need to pay in accordance with our tariffs. * Studio rental price includes: * booked shooting pavilion; * standard set of studio lighting: 4 sources; * decorations located in the booked pavilion. * Upon request, for a separate cost, the Client can rent additional props, a dressing room and equipment for shooting. Specify the availability of everything in advance
Cancellation Policy: * If you cancel or transfer the studio rental less than 24 hours before the start of the reservation, you will have to pay 50% of the booked studio time. * If you cancel or transfer the studio rental less than 8 hours before the start of the reservation, you will have to pay the full time for the booked time. * In case of your refusal to pay fines, we reserve the right to refuse you further cooperation.